Modern Japanese Design House In The East Shiga Design Office

 It is located in Shiga, Eastern Design Office has designed a modern house called Casa Japanese landscape. Form of a house in the village of traces of the border. The park consists of six houses, all. Influence the shape of the village of Stonewall days old. The project site is located at the northern boundary of the village, which is clearly visible, and makes a face in the village.
 The village at the point of depth is seen in the ditch in the north. Sequence continues off the mountain. Way of rice and the person who comes and goes, disappearing into the mountains. The river is seen in the slot in the East. Children more bubbles to catch the sweet fish there. The Shinto shrine hidden under a large Japanese cedar 400 years. Tsukiaimichi (lane communal kitchen) can be seen through the slit of Shoji in the south. The roofs of the superposition of the village and Zelkova trees important in the landscape. A mountain landscape in a row above. Temple, where the forest and defense of the village seen in the slot to the west.

There is a "Tsukiaimichi". Although the road belongs to the whole village, everyone in the village freely pass through. The person in the village walks with his dog "Tsukiaimichi," says the chatter, and take a shortcut. The client makes sense of "Tsukiaimichi"
 Stone wall has been extended. This is a retaining wall. It constitutes a "Tsukiaimichi" around the position without feeling the pressure. "Tsukiaimichi" passes through the courtyard to keep the wall where the width was narrowed again. Retaining wall gradually decreases and disappears from the soil. Then quickly open. But the height of 170 cm stone wall is the view inside the house to prevent passers-by. And a height of 120 cm stone wall will be displayed. This is the entrance. Shoji, where the incision was placed so as not to see the face inside the courtyard.


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