Black And Red Beach House

 This Omaha Beach House was designed by architects Kamermans & Co. The house is located in the center of 293.5 m2, near Omaha Beach in Auckland, New Zealand. The design challenge was to use Vista to see the front of the adjacent places. Maximum height may be a second line of homes is higher than the front row as the higher level could be a wide view on the top of the first row of houses. The space of living room, dining room and kitchen and a covered terrace with a large wedge shape of the finished structure looking down the corridor to look like a camera lens. Master bedroom with sitting area has been placed in an oval-shaped structure above the kitchen / dining room to capture views on the future of the first row of houses..

 The other four bedrooms, garage, laundry room and bathroom are in a cube-shaped structure that is required to maintain the stairs in the oval. These different functions of the house were his own form and materials, resulting in a sculptural, "corner" of wood colors, "oval" and colorsteel "cube" plasterfinish. Kamermans & Co Architects was also the interior design and landscaping of the garden style of a "native dune" with vegetable colors to complement the colors of your home. The interior design includes K & Co has designed a sofa, coffee tables, dining table, cabinet, audio / visual, stools, side tables and headboard


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