Minimalist Design House Japanese Shinichi Ogawa & Associates

 Cube House, this is what the house is called, is located in Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa, Japan. It was designed by Shinichi Ogawa & Associates. The home is completely minimalist design with a cube-shaped building and the vacuum inside the cube. Vacuum is located in the center of the house, connecting all the rooms. And the glass roof, the only way to be selected in natural light to penetrate into the house.

This house is built on a minimalist grid module of 1.5 x 9m x 9m 6m space. 4.5mx 6m Void size is 4.5mx. The building consists of a hall, crèche, kitchen and living room on the ground floor and a bedroom, dressing room, bathroom and terrace on the first floor.


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