Houses In Barcelona By The Set Q ARCHITECTURE Spain

 This is another example of the common house designed by Q trying to ARQUITECTURA. This house is located in part of soil due to the division of a parcel which is already built. This cool house belonging to existing parents, and the new one it belongs to their son, the common house maintains a level of intimacy, despite sharing the common use of the court and without establishing a physical boundary between the two plots.

 Using a gentle slope cross-plot, a new home is at a level slightly lower than the present. The ground floor is protected from the point of view, while maintaining the wall, covering the difference between the two houses, so it can be fully glazed, in constant relation to the Court of the arcades.
 Upstairs was developed primarily through the prism invisible, concentrating all the gallery openings in the south. Features of this house is primarily made up by some key cases, clearly as a participation between the lightness and transparency in the floor, then upstairs in weight and large verandas and cantilever and continuous relationship between interior and exterior. See here for more information as soon as possible.


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