Decorating Girls Room Paint Colors

Children's rooms are usually girls with colorful. Interior design a coat of wallpaper makes it look cheerful. Funny, yes, but as usual your child to develop. Your favorite paint color was changed, because the images are the background image, for example, was the most preferred. Why not leave room for a child is more neutral? So even if children are becoming, they still fit with them.

Girls room decor, neutral does not mean it should be clear. The application of the wall of the 'back' which can be very inspiring for you. He always gives unusual design elements. This is one of them.

The walls are made of paper folded to look like when it is made of painted plaster. In order to form "game" of visibility, the top and wall lamp with a light-yellow as hidden. If you want to do, you can use a tube with LED. So, shut the lights at the bottom with a frosted glass or acrylic that lights hidden in the tube.

Do not forget to several Ambala add photo books, and toys for children. Several toys and figures to decorate the space, or never. And, instead of alternating layers of the wall.


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