Concrete Tower House: Minimalist Lounge, Hot Aesthetics

We love this modern concrete Tower House Christian Architecturespossibles Pottgiesser. Concrete walls of the house five families, where the tower of one parent and one for each of their three children, united by a common base. Each tower to the dressing room floor and the upper bedroom and bathroom, while the oldest structure is crowned by a terrace - a private piece of paradise (Well, not so high, but close enough). Inside, the walls bend, when the concrete floors and roofs of the slope, which provides an interesting and architecturally more interesting interaction between light and shadow streaming through the windows of an irregular. Concrete and glass house deftly mixes a minimalist aesthetic to live in a warm - a perfect balance. Add to this unusual Christian home Architecturespossibles Pottgiesser
through Muuuz


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