beautiful master bedrooms

 Designing a bedroom, a bedroom is a good focus on harmony, composition, decoration and function. The concept of a double bedroom decorated in the spirit of minimalism, this is reflected in the forms elements and colors are used for furniture, minimalist interior design concept seen in the master bedroom, this is reflected in the elements, forms, furniture and using color, minimalist items marked with a simple box shape of the roof. Windows, walls and other accessories, furniture digunakannyapun a simple but impressive, such as LCD TV, which give the impression of a practice, curtains, windows, beds, etc., using the traditional white base color and yellow, white attached to the wall and the existing furniture, while the yellow shows mattresses, curtains, carpets and others to decorate the room added to the abstract paintings, urns, lamps and beautiful as standard lamps, wall lights and down.

Hope can be a source of inspiration for you, here are photos Images bedroom, double bedroom, master bedroom design ideas


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