American Dream House Style

 When the day to win a server in a small town called Dave million in a lottery. Unlike the sudden wealth of the other person's behavior, Dave own plan for his money. He bought his own restaurant and a house. Dave has a good taste in choosing his own restaurant, but he had no idea what kind of house he wants to buy to replace his small apartment.

 Like Dave, sometimes for all of us are confused when we build our own home. There are many house designs in the world. They are traditionally home to the modern home. Magazine in the U.S. have conducted a survey on the types of American dream. The first winner is the craftsman bungalow style. Craftsman Bungalow is famous period 1905 until 1930 in America. The name "architect" because of the famous of the material such as stone, wood and stucco. It is also famous for its low roof, stone porch support, and many windows. The other is Tudor-style country. The house began to be famous since the 1890s, it is also called the medieval renaissance. It has a feature of the decoration made of wood and wood, high roof and large window close.
 And the third style of Queen Victorian home. This house is famous from 1880 to 1890. People love its steep roof, trim and round towers. This is the style of the house of the three most famous American that you can choose your own house.


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