2011 Home Trend Forecasting, Planning And Forecasting

 2010 replaced by 2011 the first 6 months, is still a long time, but the interior designer's home and try to predict trends in home design in 2011. Let's talk about 'the design of the house in 2011, the forecast of the trend, the final architecture.com also has his own prediction about the trend of the house in 2011, and here are our predictions of the trend. Finalarchitecture.com believes that in 2010, continuing the trend of home design in 2011, we knew that in 2010 the home design trends are dominant and minimalist home design and appearance and the interior. Quiet, minimalist home design style trends in 2010 may alter the atmosphere in a colorful and minimalist. 2011 minimalist home design trends approaching Green minimalist concept, the human consciousness, the environment that may be damaged enough to encourage people to pay more attention to the environment, creating an environment-friendly homes eco friendly home design.

Artistic touch both the exterior and interior design can be improved in 2011. Decorative touches, such as moldings and columns tend more creative in the design of the house. 2011 color trends at home can be dominant, but with bright colors give a feeling of calm and cheerful colors in the home, such as the ocean of pink, blue or green and blue. It's just a prediction about the trend in 2011 the house, let's see what happens in 2011, this trend prediction will be true at home.


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