Tips For Designing A Comfortable Room

 The room is the room we always have to keep going to the beauty, cleanliness and comfort, with almost one third of our daily activities we use to relax, to home decor of the room where the bed is really our priority so we have to consider things that can give us comfort in the rest. Here are some tips in rooms designed to feel comfortable when the rest:

 1. Hold the position of the camera is too close to roads, so that the noise of the vehicle can be avoided so as not to disturb resting.

2. Plan your decor of your room a good thing if you have problems with the design, you can use the results of internal best practices.

3. Use the size of a large living area, a minimum size should be 3x3m, bigger is better

4. Note: The air flow at the entrance of sleep, arrange the windows / openings so that air circulation in the room so you can adjust the room does not feel wet.

Also note the lighting fifth spatial detail, lighting can cause a lot less room you are less healthy because it is generally used as a nest of mosquitoes.

6. The use of multifunctional furniture, the room is limited and widely seen.

7. Used furniture in short, if the ceiling height is less than 3 meters, is designed to keep the room look wider.


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