Plan To Receive Housing In Mexico

Love fun? This modern house plan designed by the Mexican Central Bank De Arquitectura is an extremely stylish and elegant. We love that this is a glass wall in the house is really there are no limits - no partition walls between the indoors and outdoors (the ones that are visible, anyway), and no limit for creative design and implementation. The interiors are an eclectic mix of organic and human, earth and modern, offering a wide range, which is never a dull moment, or expected. The house plan concept has a feeling of a lounge, entertainment and socializing both inside and outside. Fun outdoor spaces to compete indoors, where he breathes a sophisticated concept than the dining room and outdoor living area, stylish furnishings and all the amenities usually associated with home, but by beautiful flowers and lush plants, offering privacy and a cooling effect in this hot climate. This modern Mexican architecture shows that the only limit is the imagination of the designer


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