English Architecture Contemporary House Of Glass

If you find yourself strolling along the streets in Wellingborough, England, see this architecture modern house designed . This beautiful glass wall house is quite the sight. The architects were responsible for the redesign of an existing structure - part of a group of church buildings dating from the 12th century - and set the start of a revival of this city. Due to the sad condition of the structure, the architects chose to gut the place and the new beginning. Some of the original features have been incorporated into the new design and contrasts with modern high-quality materials, each highlighting the end of the spectrum of style. Two sets of stairs striking anchor of this plan modern glass home and provide focal points for the sculpture inside. This townhouse is flooded with natural light through a vertical and horizontal "axes of light" cut through the building.

Architects also have replaced solid wood doors, glass and put through additional windows. The glass ceiling colored walls give it a contemporary twist. A patio extends over the main floor, adds a beautiful area to relax outdoors while connecting the inner city streets.


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