Eco Friendly House Design

 Ecological, Eco-Friendly House Design The shortage of gas and oil in the world, forcing many to innovate to create high quality products that are environmentally, economically and efficiently. In addition, global warming, which threatens the world more real, we are required to care for the environment, take advantage of these things are easily available around us to be a huge advantage.

Switch to eco-friendly things like this can produce energy and technology systems berfariasi. In addition, a significant part of the 'environment, using green technology to absorb / reduce monthly bills, and give more value to a property / home.

Alternative energy sources, which can be selected, we will share three groups:

 * Wood floors, stone, stone.

There are so many ideas and creativity to build green homes. Your home will be more comfortable when these ideas to build a house combined with the concept of beautiful homes and home technologies. Congratulations to build your ideal family home.
 1. Renewable energy, come from nature, such as solar energy, wind energy. Products that can be used, for example: solar panels, heat pumps, wind Turbins.

2. Efficient heating. Natural thermal energy can be produced from natural ingredients or products are high quality products such as floor heating, efficient boilers, double coil cylinder.

3. Protection of water. Water use and more efficient. Product quality products, such as rainwater harvesters, dual flush toilets, recycling Ecoplaya water.

Using a green home, many examples of products on the market that can be used as:

* Solar panels to heat water, light, electrical / electronic devices, etc..

* The roof of a house of glass for natural lighting.

* The window of wood covered with gauze, at night, he will feel the fresh air from outside and mosquitoes can not enter.

* The waste is divided in two, plastic and organic waste.

* The house is not the paint, using the natural color of the brick.


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