A Comfortable House With Garden

 Home unfenced, to the court of interest within the entire room. Low cost, but capable of producing pleasant residential area. Courtyard as a link between the garden area with the main building. Courtyard biased look at the dining room, family room, pantry and bedroom in the main building .... Be cool and comfortable atmosphere ... Have a minimalist style that tends to minimize a decorative items and trinkets. In other words, it is not dependent on the value of a garden with decorative ornaments. As a result, the garden even more beautiful, clean, tidy with fine lines and simple design. So from the results is what makes this garden in harmony with the style of the building. In the current model of the house to the minimalist modern style garden also adjusted the architecture of buildings, not as a shade garden here, but more to reveal.

Modern style house designed for owners who want to expose the building to give a little hint of plants, whose proper plant selection and location is good, then a little 'more beautiful plants. Exotic plants can be connected to the hardscape elements, such as lights, bowl, vase, or a minimalist cascade, which begins to bloom, and many are sold in flower shops. Looking at all the pictures in this garden is hoping to increase awareness beautiful garden


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