Colors Interior Design And Interior Design

Selecting colors from the master bedroom Interior Design Tips. Selection of color in the design of a room is very important. Color can give an impression of the machine, the color also can give an aura of self-expression of a person's heart.

In this room interior design, mixing two colors look clear, yellow and white. The yellow color shows the atmosphere of happiness and joy, while the white color gives the impression of feminine and elegant.

Another possible way to choose the color of the bedroom is to choose colors that can be improved by the element / elements in the birth. As we know, the science of Feng Shui grouping element / elements of the human birth of several parts, water, wood, fire, earth and metal. One of the / is the dominant element in the water can feel comfortable when the bedroom is blue (blue or dark blue), but the effect on the color of the bedroom can cause people to be less dynamic. Someone is the dominant part of the water can improve the quality of life by adding some color to balance the elements / elements of the dominant, for example, wood green, red or pale red fire, yellow / orange / brown earth , the color white / silver / gold coins.


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