City Cottage Style Finland!

This chalet city offers the best of both worlds - urban development and a rural retreat. Miles Finnish architects have designed this compact cottage with large ambitions in nature, comfort, convenience and modern style - a combination that is hard to find! Located in Lauttasaari, Finland, the home design compact measuring only 14m2, but comfortably accommodate a family of four with all that you want and need to enjoy the simple things in life. Only two miles from the family home and the daily grind, this mini-cottage in the countryside, popular with massive windows on each wall. And because the print is small, this means minimal impact on the environment of the construction and energy consumption. In fact, this passive solar house works on the Sun alone! And because it's just a stone's throw from their homes during the week, this sweet retreat also eliminates the length of time, energy to go to cottage country ".


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