Beach House Spoils

 Here Bnaider Star House in Kuwait, which was designed by architects AGI. This is by design different from others, this house blends with the natural topography of the coast of Kuwait. The building extends to visitors, as is discussed in the desert. Check out the photos, we get a glimpse of the sea while descending the public space of the house. In this lower level, this building extends house in the countryside and the sea, aggravated by a pool in the garden. The private part of the house, located at the entrance is hidden from visitors by a natural-looking wall. For rooms and spaces of private life are isolated from their daily activities. A three-way ladder in the center of the building, the organization of the various currents of family, friends and guests.

Formal structure of this house is dictated by the ability to maximize the views can see from the pictures. The initial design was master planned for three houses, each of the views can be enjoyed while making the privacy of another person. The client, however, opted for a house, two bungalows and a boathouse, with possible expansion plans basically takes you to a special authorization and the roof


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