30 Contemporary Rooms That Will Rock Your World

 When it comes to bedrooms, modern design options are endless. Therefore, decision-making in this area might be a bit 'difficult. We decided to make this process easier for you and present 30 bedrooms fresh and contemporary, which could be a starting point for decoration. As the floor to ceiling windows are the trend these days, presented below are some truly breathtaking views in the beautiful natural landscape. Wooden decor are warm and welcoming, which is probably why some of the bedrooms could inspire the holiday mood. We also visited one of the themed rooms, most of which are in black and white with the arrangements. Other common features of these bedrooms has a king-size bed, a variety of paintings, attractive tables, flower arrangements and colorful wallpaper.

 If you have a contemporary room that you would like to share with us and you think can be added to this list, please feel free to comment on our Facebook page and send it for all to see and comment. So ... which do you prefer? If you want more inspiration also make sure to see the beautiful & 30 Swedish Modern House Designs.


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