2011 Contemporary Home Interior Design Ideas Inspiration

 In the year 2011 You may have started planning the newest decorating your home, you've probably started looking for modern ideas of modern home design, 2011 interior design or idea of ​​the 2011 th House of the Interior in photo below can help you develop your imagination to the idea of ​​interior design of your dreams. Below is a design of the house on weekends, room design with a round tube division. This contemporary home designed by Dan Sergey Butenko Mahno Vasiliy located along the Black Sea.

Each zone has created an exotic atmosphere of the house is different, each room offers an interesting experience a nice romantic atmosphere. Each area is equipped with lighting and modern furnishings create a rhythm along the beautiful ceiling, can be inspiring decorating ideas and interior lighting in 2011. A simple form of white, which comes from the ceiling to create a soft and garnish with the above structures.
 Contemporary interior design style house features a mix of retro and modern in every detail. The different areas in the form, among others, lounge, bar, dining room, living room, bedroom and bathroom. By dividing a room that has a lack of transparency, which are part of the house in a very intimate and airy, but still provide the relaxation of different areas and different types of entertainment. Furniture in use has a unique and beautiful member of this from our ideas and inspiration for contemporary furniture design 2011. The strong color palette of dark brown wood texture make this room suitable degree. Lounge area offers a small orange accent colors otherwise monochromatic backgrounds.

 The house design itself is designed as an oasis that is used for rest and relaxation, as it was designed with different levels of need, offering comfort and feel of an unforgettable weekend. Interior house is divided into several areas enclosed by wooden walls with stripes and transparent. Zoning is the home to give flexibility in space sunlight and privacy of each activity and provide a private space barrier when entertaining guests.


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