Saffire Freycinet Most Exciting Destination Of Australia hotel

Very few stations have obtained all the ingredients to open, but we can assure you that the charm of a hotel ticked all the boxes on the right. We were left literally speechless - and we need a law - and feasting your eyes on breathtaking views, indulged our senses in our lovely apartment in the bathroom and eat food that makes any thought of a plan ridiculous. And four hours walk from a pristine beach also help.

These were the first notes, we've just written something after the launch: "The expectations are exceeded Resort, a place behind the mountain, a fitness room, good service, attention to detail, happy employees, and the food, OMG is Power - . Saffire is truly one of the most interesting places in Australia.! to stay: "I do not want to sound arrogant, it takes a lot to us to write something.

In the package there was a marble-tiled bathroom surprisingly warm. Following our devices, including, of course, wireless internet and remote control blinds, but it is best to introduce new services. Presented a hot water bottle to bed and a thermos of hot chocolate as it is winter in Tasmania.

One of the highlights of our stay was the restaurant Saffire taste. Multi-course tasting menu correspond with superb local wines are a specialty of the chef, Hugh White, who is an Australian icon and creator of fresh, local food, imaginative, prepared and served with love, style and care. We'll be back for meals only


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