Nearly one hundred years, Rial Park, Manila Hotel, Grand buildings, one of the finest in Asia stands majestically on the edge. The best in the nation's five-star hotel, soon a host of illustrious guests and attract discerning travelers, "Philippines" Showcase "and" prestige addresses "has earned its reputation as.

Over the years, guests at hand, a movie star and a symbol of Manila, a member of the royal family decided to stay in a picture in your head, like a lot of hospitality and welcome in the Grand Lobby is a.

This year's anniversary 98 of the Manila Hotel, the total renovation of the Philippines in the 21st century the close of the Great took place.

Rooms and suites, the largest LCD TV in the hotel and MP3 docking stations, safe deposit box, electronic ignition systems and water-resistant LCD TV had gone to the bathroom in Italian marble with an advanced new plant in the same hotel, it is L'Occitane bath products can taste the L '.

These new modern features, Manila Hotel continues the classic interiors showcase the beauty of traditional decoration of the rooms Filipino.All Orthodox Manila Bay sunset, lush gardens and magnificent ruins of the old walled city offers spectacular views of properties, which are decorated with large windows .


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