Quality accommodations - 15 minute walk from downtown, 5 minutes from the main station.

Breakfast is included in the price.

Free: interning in Caffie ¿½ and Wi Fi, classic, in-room + SKYPE, parking, safety fitness, telephone, up to 34 countries

Receive e-mail to customers.

Opportunity to purchase products for personal care and hygiene, cookies, snacks and dietary supplements at the reception.

Day-long drinks, food Racio.


Pyramid Room from 2 to 8 groups.

Great room with balcony (bath, toilet), or a place for sitting accommodation for 12 people - individually or in groups - travelers

Uniqueness of this place is easy to detect, mainly due to the complexity of the services we offer. Each guest receives free nutritional supplement. We will find the supplement is most appropriate for you based on your current health status and also according to their life goals and fitness you want to achieve in the future. No one meal a day included in the price of the room.

Hotel Esprit is a great center of Bratislava. According to its position in the neighborhood of the train station is a good place for a holiday or workstay especially for those seeking an optimal transportation and proximity to downtown. The hotel, with its great look and a solution Avantgard architectural colors and now a rarity of Bratislava.

OFFER (not April 26 to May 16): 35% reduction. The password in USE OF ACTION: GALLERY.

Special discounts are available when the hotel is not full.

Perhaps it is right now!

The possibility of a half-day accommodation.

Offer valid for longer stays.
The hotel has 1, 2, 3 - bedrooms, all rooms have private bathroom with shower and toilet. For customers demanding a stylish apartment is available. For travelers who are used to contact with new and interesting people from around the world are special facilities available at a good price (for individuals and groups of 8) in the pyramid and in the dormitory with garden (for 12 people).

Uniqueness Our hotel has many special services:
- There is one meal a day included in the price of the room. Each guest will receive a hotel for nutritional supplement free with your browser to fitness, beauty and health. We will find the supplement is most appropriate for you on your current health status and also according to your life goals and fitness you want to achieve in the future.

- We offer a 7-day teaching will remain. Guests receive a discount of 5% at the time of registration. These remains are re-educated about the world of extraordinary mental abilities, and personality development. Remains in place within the Academy of exceptional intellectual ability, personal care.

- In the form of workshops, we offer a wide range of educational activities on the effect of the use of supplements projects, programs for beauty, condition and health. Seminars are held regularly. The registration fee is 250, - per person.

- The hotel also provide a diagnostic Spirit psychotronic your individual physical and mental health. It is assured by experts that we are continually working with. This service is priced at 400 .- Sk

- We offer a professional diagnosis of your condition, with the alternative medicine focuses on the development of physical beauty. We also offer professional advice on how to further optimize the use of dietary supplements (vitamins, minerals, enzymes and others), and advice on how to change your eating habits

- We will provide facilities to create your own artistic work under the guidance of experts in art and spiritual energy, in recognition of the influential forces of clothing, inside and outside the personality. With the help of experienced artists and designers, you will be able to restore and harmonize your apartment or office decorating them with abstract paintings, modern paintings reproduced. These ambient strongly support the healthy development of your personality. It creates an atmosphere of happiness, harmony and causes dynamic, creative work. The price of this service depends on the quality and the price of color, fabric, paint materials and other parameters of painting.

- You have the opportunity to enter the happy club

- Using the room happy for your personal growth and mental

Vitamin Bar -

- Distilled State ï ¿½ the body offer the beauty of living water

- 24 hours of free internet access, free parking, in room phones with data ports, dial-up Internet access services, basic office services such as scanner, printer, fax and photocopying, the pyramid of relaxation and conference


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