Fjäll Ski Lodge In Falls Creek hotel

Travel the world is full of designer boutique hotels and resorts - urban and coastal cities teeming with them. Ski resorts in other hands, leaving much to be desired in the design stakes. Until now. Developers, architects and designers are turning their attention to the ski resorts, helping to redefine the typical ski experience.

Inspired by classic European vacation, sophisticated, ski resorts and lodges led design in the whole world is watching. From Australia to Austria, new ski vacation so much as an attempt to escape back into a beautiful environment, at the end of a long day of skiing, as he is at work.

Paul Hecker is an interior designer of some of the best public of Australia, including the Prince Hotel in Melbourne, and most recently in Sydney, Ivy and paste magnificent luxury hotel suite. The final in Melbourne Hecker and equipment based on Hecker, Phelan and Guthrie is the new home, ski, Fjall, located in Falls Creek, Victoria.


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